Back to School Outfits with Dorice Lee

Dorice Lee fabulously presents her favorite back to school outfits (aka fall styles) featuring Trioo Eyewear in her latest YouTube video. Dorice really enjoys accessorizing with glasses and she knows a lot about optometry so we sent her a few pairs to test out. She used them to form some awesome back to school looks, then she briefly discusses her thoughts on ordering prescription glasses online and her experience with Trioo. We love the fact that when Dorice speaks, it’s the truth. The video was very well made, it covers a variety of styles and her boyfriend joins in to show some men’s fall outfits too. It was a pleasure to watch. Plus, if you want some fresh ideas for fall outfits this will definitely help.


OUTFIT 1 – Slept In
Glasses – Kalix in Nightsky Black by Trioo
Sweatshirt – thrift
Jeans – BDG Twig Mid-Rise from Urban Outfitters
Boots – Doc Martens
Lipstick – Black Cherry by Revlon

OUTFIT 2 – Class
Glasses – Kalix in Nightsky Black by Trioo
Sweater – Bluenotes
Pants – Bluenotes
Boots – Aldo
Watch – WeWOOD

OUTFIT 3 – Studying
Glasses – San Remo in Bourbon Tortoise by Trioo
Collared shirt – thrift
Sweater – thrift
Skirt – Uniqlo
Shoes – thrift

OUTFIT 4 – Day Date, His
Glasses – Huangpu in Oxford Blue by Trioo
Shirt – Korea
Pants – Urban Planet
Shoes – Puma
Watch – Guess

OUTFIT 5 – Day Date, Hers
Glasses – San Remo in Bourbon Tortoise by Trioo
Long plaid top – Smart Set
Jeans – Gap
Boots – thrift
Necklace – Hex Metals & Minerals

Dorice’s thoughts on ordering online:

1. Cost – Undeniably cheap.
2. Variety – Way more options.
3. Convenience – Order from the comfort of your home.

1. Can’t try on – Hard to decide what suits you (unless you are an experience glasses wearer)
2. Won’t fit – Your glasses may need an adjustment which requires a trip to the optical store.
3. Prescription tolerance – There may be a small prescription difference that you need to get use to.

How to easily adjust your glasses to fit your face without going to an optical store.

We would like to thank Dorice for featuring us in her video and we hope everyone enjoys it! We would love to hear your pros and cons for ordering prescription eyewear online in the comment box below.

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