Free Eye Test in Shanghai at Trioo Eyewear!

Trioo Eyewear offers FREE eye tests in Shanghai at the following locations:

Pudong – Open from 9am-6pm.
450 Fushan Road (near XiangCheng Road)
XinTian International Building, 1st floor.
Pudong, Shanghai 200122

East Nanjing Road – Open from 10am-8pm.
409 East Nanjing Road (near South Shanxi Road)
Landmark Building, Room 1123
Huangpu, Shanghai 200001

All you have to do is pop in and ask our optician for a free eye test. It only takes about 20 minutes! After we will provide you with your prescription.

Both locations include a showroom with a wide range of frames to check out and try on.

Want to see our glasses collections’ before coming in? Check out Keep in mind, we have a larger selection of frames in our showrooms.

We also have some great deals on our prescription glasses!
15% OFF final purchase


Buy 2 Get 1 Free
We believe everyone should own multiple pairs of glasses as each pair can have its own use and fit. For the Buy 2 Get 1, we offer optical glasses, sunglasses and/or anti-blue light (computer glasses). Just ask about tinting the lenses on any frame you see in our showroom. We can also do different prescriptions if you want to join in on the deal with family/friends.

Update for our optical shops in Shanghai (1/14/2016): Our ‘buy 2 get 1 deal’ has changed slightly – we are only offering a certain selection of frames for the free pair now. You can stop in anytime to have a look.

If you just want to take advantage of our eyewear deal, and would rather order online, go to, use the code TRIOOSHANGHAI during the checkout process for 15% off. For the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE deal, email with the subject ‘Trio of Trioo’ and provide us with the following information:
- Links to the three frames you want.
- Prescription and PD (pupillary distance).
- Which lens option you want for each frame (non-prescription, prescription, sunglasses, anti-blue light).
- Name, address & phone number for UPS

If multiple prescriptions, please tell us which prescription for each frame*

We will promptly reply to your email with a quick and easy method for payment so we can get your order processed and shipped out in no time.

Our standard lens coatings.


If you have any questions you want answered before coming in or ordering online, please feel free to contact us at

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