How Glasses Can Complete Your Look

Nowadays glasses are used to make a fashion statement just as much as they are used for vision correction. For those who wear contacts more often, what’s it like when people see you with your glasses on? I bet you get some interesting reactions. Glasses don’t only change how you see, they change how people see you. They can truly make or break your look. However, I want to talk about how to use glasses to MAKE your look, not break it. It’s actually very easy and with our simple guide you can pull off any look. Whether you want to present yourself as a Fortune 500 entrepreneur or an indie-videographer this information should help you in choosing the right pair of glasses to complete your look.

Below I will broadly categorize and match fashion styles with glasses types.

1. Material: Acetate; Style: Fashionable/Hip
I’m not saying that fashionable glasses are only made from acetate, it’s just a common theme in the eyewear industry. This is because acetate frames have a luxurious finish and a nice natural color. What better way to complement acetate’s charming finish than with vintage and contemporary frame shapes. All of this makes for perfect fashionable glasses. You can wear them to class or out with friends for a casual dinner or party. If you are looking to make a fashion statement that shows true fashion sense, these glasses are the right choice.


What to wear your Acetate glasses with?

For Women:
- Jeans and t-shirt combo
- Casual skirt and top
- Casual dress
- Any party outfit

You can really spice up these simple outfits with a beautiful pair of glasses.

For Men:
- Jean/shorts and t-shirt/sweater combo
- Sports jacket
- Dress pants, loafers and a button up

Acetate glasses will not only be the final touch to your swag, they will also make you appear more intelligent.


2. Material: Titanium/Carbon Fiber; Style: Professional/Business
Titanium eyewear is the best choice for a professional look as they are designed specifically for this, especially half-rimmed or rimless frames. These glasses are sleek, serious and sophisticated. If you are looking to appear smart, strong and confident then get yourself a pair of titanium frames.


What to wear with titanium frames?

For Women:
- Business suit
- Business dress suit
- Sports jacket and dress pants

For Men:
- Business suit
- Sports jacket and dress pant or jeans
- Polo shirt and jeans

You can wear your titanium specs with any professional outfit that you’d normally wear to work. This final touch can make a difference in not only your vision but the way people perceive you. Plus, titanium frames are super lightweight so you can wear your glasses all day without even noticing.


men prestige

3. Material: Ultem; Style: Sporty
Ultem is an ultra-lightweight, ultra-flexible and ultra-strong material which is why it’s perfect for sporty and active people. Trioo’s 3U collection uses Ultem to craft really trendy and comfy glasses. They are casual and lightweight with colors that offer a sporty feel. The bright colors are great due to the look of Ultem material (matte-type finish). Also, the designs are super cool so you can feel proud to wear them, not to mention show off how durable they are. If you are an active person who wants comfortable glasses, 3U Ultem eyewear is a sure thing.


What to wear Ultem glasses with?

For Women and Men:
- Casual clothes
- Sweat pants/shorts and t-shirt/tank top
- Gym clothes

The great thing about Ultem’s design is the versatility. You can actually wear these for all occasions as they look professional, sporty and fashionable (depending the color and shape you choose). We just suggest Ultem for active people as it is extremely suitable to that lifestyle.


Read here to learn more about Ultem.

4. Material: Carbon Fiber; Style: Innovative
We are proud to say we make carbon fiber glasses and we are only one of few that can say this. We are not sure why carbon fiber eyeglasses aren’t popular. We think they are awesome. But then again, we are big fans of carbon fiber products.

Trioo’s carbon fiber frame shapes are sophisticated, which suits carbon fiber’s functionality and appearance. If you are an innovator why not wear something innovative.


What to wear carbon fiber with?

Think Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Sangeeta Bhatia. Yes, those are people not clothing items.


The simplest infographic to digest that will explain it all:

You don’t have to fit your style to only one of these types of glasses. We are people. We can change. Not just in time but day to day or occasion to occasion. If you want to be professional today, great, throw on your titanium sleek specs and get to work. You want to go out at night, great, don your favorite acetate glasses and go party the night away. Have multiple pairs of glasses so you can switch up your look. You’ll be surprised by the outcome.

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