Innovative Material for Glasses

The evolution of eyewear is in full effect, and not just in a Google Glass kind of way. Simple changes like materials, both for frames and lenses, can really make a difference. Most of us usually buy glasses made of titanium, acetate or stainless steel, but what material would best serve the practicality of eyeglasses, both in function and fashion? Ultem-resin.

Have you heard of Ultem? Ultem is an amorphous, thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI) material which combines exceptional mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Ultem is usually seen in medical, electrical/electronic, automobile, and aircraft industries.

Until Trioo got the word on Ultem’s exceptional attributes:
- Ultra-flexible
- Ultra-strong
- Ultra-lightweight

Hense 3U, plus more…
- Heat-resistant
- High dielectric strength
- Corrosion-resistant
- Matte-like superfresh-finish

Trioo brought the material in-house and started to design a special collection of glasses with a concept based on Ultem’s unique features, and the outcome wasn’t disappointing.

Introducing the 3U collection – Eyewear made from Ultem. How are Ultem glasses (3U glasses) different from other glasses that use materials like titanium, acetate or stainless steel?

Well firstly, they’re much more comfy. Ultem’s super lightweight and has a smooth finish. Our 3U Ultem frames weigh-in at no more than 9 grams!

What else? Exceptional durability. We have experimented with our 3U frames by doing break tests. For example, throwing them off of a 20-story building, driving over them with a scooter/car, and a few other funny, unpractical, but worthy tests. You can see for yourself by watching our 3U unbreakable video.

If that doesn’t convince you, take the word of’s founder Steven about his year-long 3U eyewear test.

Lastly, 3U glasses are as flexible as a gymnast (a simple simile yet surprisingly accurate), and can be easily adjusted to fit any face. However, don’t let that fool you, they are extremely sturdy on the face.


We take the design aspect of our 3U glasses very seriously. We aim for a trendy, fresh, one-of-a-kind look for each model. We have many shapes and styles in our 3U collection, for both men and women. Each 3U frame is recognizably 3U, yet they all have their own personality.

Have a look at a few different 3U glasses to see for yourself.

Fudan in Jet Black

Jingan in Paradise Pink

Nanjing in Camoflauge

Zhongshan in Tropical Storm

As you can see the color concept for the 3U collection is bold. The vibrant colors hidden inside the 3U collection takes things to another level. Even the simple jet black color really pops. Trioo 3U eyewear has a wide range of colors available, such as black, orange, green, pink, purple, blue, ying-yang, charcoal, dragon-skin and more.

Want to turn you 3U frames into sunglasses or computer glasses? Email us at

The concept behind the names

We decided to name the 3U collection’s glasses after meaningful places in Shanghai. Shanghai is where it all started for Trioo Eyewear, and we show our respect and appreciation this way. We made the Pharrell Williams-Happy Shanghai video which was a great time.

Here is a video of Sam speaking about our Yuyuan glasses in Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai:

Here is another at Fudan University featuring our Fudan glasses and three wonderful Fudan students:

You can watch more videos on our Youtube channel.

Another great thing about the 3U collection is the price. For $47 you can have 3U glasses fitted with high index lenses delivered to your house in 7 days or less!

All of our glasses are designed in Paris and handcrafted in Shanghai.

Would you like to know more? Simply email us at and we will reply promptly.

Watch our 3U glasses to the Harlem Shake:


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