Tour of Trioo’s prescription lens laboratory

Let’s take a virtual tour of Trioo’s manufacturing process, more specifically our prescription lens laboratory production. Trioo’s prescription lens lab is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery supplied by the world’s best optical machinery manufacturers, such as Satisloh.

Trioo’s Rx lab manages all kinds of prescriptions, including complex digital progressive surfaces, which are calculated by proprietary computer programs. The Rx lab is also accountable for the creation of hard coatings, anti-reflective coatings, and lens tinting, which is handled inside designated clean room areas of the laboratory.

Trioo’s certified lab technicians will oversee every detail of your prescription lens creation process, from the cutting of the lens to the thorough quality inspection of your finished glasses. Our prescription lab technicians are exceptionally trained and certified through a scrupulous exam process. This will ensure you are receiving a perfectly made pair of spectacles the first time, every time.

Watch this video and read below for more information and pictures.

Processing Orders:
Once we receive your order, we extract the materials and necessary index from our supply room.

The back surface is reshaped to achieve required prescription power.


We use special lens film to protect the surface of the lens from scratching.

Cuts the backside of the lens into defined curves.

Gives the lens a perfect transparent aspect.

Freeform Surfacing:
Create aspheric shapes or the complex curves required for PAL designs.

Computer Generating:
Up to 5,000 cut points are calculated and digitally surfaced.


The surface is accurate to 0.01D.

Laser Marking:
High power stability guarantees the engraving is done properly every time.


Optimal clarity and high form accuracy are achieved by using the computer-controlled “soft sponge” system.

Lenses are dyed by immersing them in hot organic dyes.

Tint quality control is done thoroughly.

Hard coating:
Provides the lens a good scratch resistance.

3-micron layer dramatically improves surface hardness and scratch resistance.

Eliminate the reflection on the lens and improve the anti-stain performance.

The coating materials are deposited on the lenses uniformly and the thickness is accurately controlled.


Curing of the lens coatings.

Ultrasonic cleaning:
“Optical Ultrasonic Cleaners (sometimes referred to as Supersonic Cleaners) are electronic devices that use the power of ultrasound to clean items that are fragile or delicate.”

Precise edging is as crucial as creating the proper surfaces for your lenses. Using ultramodern edging machines, our highly trained technicians assure that all lenses are cut and assembled to your frames with accurate measurements of your PD (pupillary distance) and segment height. The edging lab is also accountable for the final assembly and shaping of glasses before each pair is quality checked.


Quality inspection:
All of our products are thoroughly inspected. Not once, not twice, not even three times, but we do a quadruple check on every spec.


Trioo packages your glasses in a Trioo branded case (black or navy blue), with a Trioo microfiber cloth. Trioo also supplies you with a tool for any minor adjustments that you may need to make on your glasses. Shipping is done via UPS and takes 5-7 days, on average, to arrive at your doorstep. A tracking code will be sent via email as soon as the package is shipped.

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