Trioo Prestige New Arrivals – Professional Glasses for 2016

We released another three frames this week. This time from our Prestige collection. For those who don’t know, our Prestige collection is made up of professional eyewear, the frames are crafted from premium materials such as titanium and carbon fiber. Our new 2016 Prestige frames mean business. This doesn’t mean they’re no fun, though! Our professional designs kept fashion and innovation in mind, to spice things up for your professional taste. Let us take you into the new year with eyewear that utters intelligence, demands respect and shows a sense of fashion for your workplace.

Have a look.

The sleek stylish temples and large rounded front makes Cambridge unique and sophisticated. Plus the super lightweight titanium frame means sustained comfort, a must for those long business days.


- Bronze Night
- Platinum Night
- Silver Night
- Gray Night

Palo Alto
The carbon fiber temples are lightweight and aerodynamic, the aluminum-magnesium front is sturdy and strong, Palo Alto has an innovative design perfect for a fast-paced environment.

- Autumn Night
- Red Eye Black
- Jet Black

Charlotte’s flower-cutout, intertwined temples spice up the serious, half-rimmed front, making for a beautiful and elegant pair of glasses.

- Brown Sky
- Night Haze
- Crimson Rose
- Golden Orange
- Tree Leaf

We plan to continue building up our collections with fresh, innovative, fashionable, (insert awesome adjective here) designs. So make sure to follow us, we may have your perfect pair.

Eyewear Trends for 2016 by The Blonde Salad

Don’t forget to take advantage of our Buy 2 Get 1 Deal – Trio of Trioo. This means you can buy any 2 pairs and receive another pair of your choice for free. This is how it works, you just have to email us at with the following subject line and information:

“Trio of Trioo”

- Frame name and color.
- Address and phone number, for shipping purposes.
- Prescription info (can send us a photo as well) and PD number.

We will then process your order via email by sending you a PayPal request for payment. This can be paid with credit or debit card or through PayPal.

Choose from any of our collections. The least expensive pair of glasses will be free. Multiple prescriptions allowed.

We are doing this because more and more people want multiple pairs of glasses so they can style depending on the day or occasion. We hope this deal will excite and help people who want to own more than one pair of glasses at a time. For those who want to match their glasses with their mood.

Choosing Eyeglasses That Suit Your Personality and Lifestyle


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