Vanessa Teo Reviews Her New Archipelago Glasses

Vanessa Teo makes it a hat trick! She just reviewed her third pair of glasses from Trioo’s Archipelago collection. Firstly, thanks to Vanessa for her time and kind words – not to mention some great photos for our Pinterest boards! We would like to think of her as an advocate of Trioo Archipelago now!

We think all three glasses she received from the Archipelago collection are a perfect match. Her friends seem to think she looks great with her Trioo specs too…


It’s not always easy finding the right size glasses online. That’s why Trioo provides all the necessary measurements, angles and views to facilitate the selection process. So people like Vanessa can make the right choice every time.



We think many of you will find inspiration in Vanessa. She is a young blogger from Singapore who enjoys life and works hard doing what she loves – #seeyourpassion. Her fashion sense is impeccable, her photographs are dashing, and she speaks the truth. What’s not to love?

First reviewBermuda model.

The second review was on our Belcher model.

The hat-trick review was on our Ibiza model (which we think was Vanessa’s favorite).

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One more thing, don’t forget, we also ship to Singapore for free!

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