Your Go-to Makeup for Glasses Tutorial

We teamed up with Little Tea Fox, as she present to you a simple and easy, yet beautiful and sassy makeup tutorial. Little Tea Fox’s Youtube Channel is the epitome of beauty vlogging. Her videos are so well done, we are talking filming, editing, content, everything! And, she does it all by herself. We are always very impressed. Since we started following her, she has made countless new videos and sported numerous hair colors – red, brown, purple, white and pink. We love them all.

We sent her a few pairs of glasses a couple months back. She had a great idea to show her followers/friends her personal go-to makeup for glasses. It was a question her subscribers had been asking for a while – How do you do your makeup with glasses? This made for a perfect collaboration.

Without further delay:

The first time we reached out to her was back in September of last year. We started watching her videos and loved her professionalism and demeanor. We decided to contact her and ask if we could send her some glasses to test out. She accepted and ended up doing a wonderful review for us.

“Get a first person view from LittleTeaFox as she covers our website and products in great detail. She has a series on her Youtube channel called Fox Facts, this series covers products that she’s reviewing.”

Here’s our blog post from our first collaboration with Little Tea Fox.

We love her work. Her subscriber numbers have been growing substantially in recent months. It’s not a surprise. Actually, she should have way more recognition, but good things take time (cliche but true). If you haven’t watched any of her videos yet, and you love everything beauty, then her youtube channel is a must-see. Prepare to lose yourself in her beauty realm and then be released back into reality with some great tips and very useful information. Another really great thing about the Little Tea Fox channel is that she is consistent – new videos every week!

We hope her makeup video tutorial will help other women who are having troubles finding the right makeup for glasses method. Just be sure to avoid these 7 common makeup for glasses mistakes.

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