Zenni Optical vs Warby Parker vs Trioo Eyewear

YouTube’s ASMRTREK gives us a thorough comparison of her glasses from Zenni Optical and Trioo Eyewear. She also throws her boyfriends Warby Parker glasses into the mix. It’s a faceoff between 3 online optical eyewear stores and she gives an entirely honest review on the matter. She compares not only 20+ pairs of glasses on pricing vs quality but also the websites ease of use, checkout process, and return policies.

ASMRTREK is an interesting ASMR YouTube Channel founded by Celeste, a glasses wearing avid Star Wars fan with excellent roleplay and tutorial skills. Below are a few of her recent videos.

ASMR Role Play: Sci Fi Bookstore:

ASMR Tutorial: Fall Smoky Eyes for Glasses Wearers (Soft Spoken Voiceover):

If you have any experience with, or thoughts on, Zenni, Warby or Trioo please feel free to leave them in the comments below.


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